I love me some Thieves®

So what do you do when the announcement is made that the plague has been diagnosed in New Mexico?

I can tell you what I did. I took a second to apply Young Living’s Thieves®. Silly right? I know you think “Well, she has completely turned into a person that does not believe in going to the doctor.”


Nope. That is not me. I completely believe in modern science. I believe in antibiotics and that doctors can help, not hurt. My kids all received their shots and their boosters. I will admit that they did “suffer” through minor colds and sore throats without always going to see a professional. I do believe in not using antibiotics for every little complaint.

But it is also because I personally cannot take most of the antibiotics on the market. That’s right, highly sensitive over here. When you run out of options, where can you go? In the case of the plague, I would be sensitive to 4 of the most popular antibiotics for treatment. That can really narrow my options.

Thieves® is properly named from its beginnings. It is derived from a formula that was created by a band of thieves in the 15th Century. They were robbing graves of people who died from a highly contagious sickness. And they were not affected.  They didn’t get sick. When they were eventually caught, they were given the choice to give over their secret or face some pretty big consequences. They chose to give up their secret. The recipe for Thieves® has been known ever since.

That is why I do Thieves®. Not because I believe that it can cure me, but because I know it can help support my immune system.  The cleaning products safely clean your home in a non toxic way enhanced by the powerful blend of the essential oils that makes up Thieves®and helps support the removal of ick from your surfaces, clothes and even your vegetables and fruits naturally without toxic chemicals. While you fight the ick in your home, the Vitality Thieves® helps support your immunity from within.

If you ever, ever decide to try just one essential oil, start with this one. I promise you won’t regret it.

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