About Us


Sunshine Girl has lived all over this beautiful country. Born in Utah, she traveled to Texas for High School, Minnesota for College, and landed in Florida where she raised her three children.

While in her 20s she was diagnosed with Stomach discomfort of EPIC proportions. It was a heavy blow. To see the back of the bathroom door for decades is just no way to live. Of course, they tried EVERYTHING. Diet, pharmaceuticals, sleep, stress reduction. EVERYTHING. Though each had some comforting effects, there was just never a total fix. And the discomfort was tangible. Hot, sharp, stinging tangible.

Out of desperation, she started researching natural ways to support her body.  She came across the ladies at Oils Uncut. From the day she got her Young Living® Premium Starter Kit, she never looked back. Her symptoms became less frequent and her overall wellness has risen above her previous wellness line.

Since then, she shares. Shares with anyone willing to listen. Anyone that needs the knowledge she has gained.  She shares openly without fear, because it is that important to her. 

And she has gained so much from the EO lifestyle. Health, emotional wellness, friendship, mentors, family and precious drops of plant-based goodness.

This site will be a wealth of knowledge from DIYs to recipes to product information to well just about everything.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.